A joy to hit TaylorMade R9 Driver

A joy to hit TaylorMade R9 Driver

March 21, 2014
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A joy to hit TaylorMade R9 Driver

I must admit I’ve always thought that adjustable driver were a bit of a harmless gimmickry by manufacturers out to take even more pennies from us. I must admit, however, that the system on the R9 golf clubs online really does work and you can see your shots changing shape as you go through the settings.That said I think I’d probably stick to the setting I was most comfortable with but then I tend to just want my driver to go straight and long.

The TaylorMade R9 driver is the most advanced driver in the company’s history building on the technology and innovation that made the R7 driver so popular with golfers.It is the first TaylorMade driver to use Flight Control Technology which allows golfers to change the face angle, lie and loft of the club using a simple wrench. With eight different positions available this makes the R9 one of the most adaptable and workable golf clubs available, giving all golfers the level of customisation demanded by Tour professionals.

The R9 also introduces Movable Weight Technology and the clubhead features three weight ports which can accommodate the 16 gram weight and two one gram weights that come with every driver. Golfers can quickly change the position of the weights to promote draws, fades or straight shots. Using both Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology golfers have access to 24 different driver types with just one R9 driver.

The different settings certainly have an impact of the shape of your shots and the flight of the ball. Many golfers will find the setting that suits them best and be happy to stay with that but it is certainly comforting to have so many options at your fingertips. Better players will enjoy the workability that the R9 offers while those less confident off the tee will certainly be impressed by the distance, consistency and forgiveness that this excellent club delivers.TaylorMade are also offering a TP version of the R9  that comes with a stiffer and heavier Fujikura Motore F1 graphite shaft that realy impressed us when we tested the clubs.

Overall I think Taylormade Golf has a good thing going with the R9 driver. It is simply a great driver than my old Mizuno JPX825 Driver. It is a great looking club with a classy black finish that inspires confidence at address and that confidence is multiplied by the amazingly solid feel the R9 gives at impact. I loved the penetration of the ball flight and the distance was excellent.

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