How does X2 Hot driver Perform on the course?

How does X2 Hot driver Perform on the course?

October 2, 2014
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Callaway Golf always seems to do a great job of blending modern and classic looks to give you an updated vibe without taking it so far over the edge that the traditionalist will shy away from the club. At address, the X2 Hot driver definitely looks all of 460cc and gives you the feeling that you can’t possibly miss the sweet spot on the face.

I remember the first time I hit my dad’s Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Australia back around 1994 or 1995.  It was an 8.5º head, light weight, solid, and sounded like a hammer hitting concrete.  It was awesome. Actually, I think this is a great thing because these characteristics may be more appealing to the average player which is who Callaway is trying to target with the X2 Hot.

As clubs evolved, many of those characteristics improved, but Callaway always maintained a solid, muted sound and feel that I found to be synonymous with the brand.  No other driver ever quite has the feeling of a Callaway. I loved the feel of both when I hit in the store. Your review is dead on when you talk about the feel at launch, it is great. I am a 14 handicap with a fairly high swing speed who is not lights out with the driver, but its one of the better clubs in my bag. Will hitting the pro version force me to focus on contact more until I improve, or will I be better off swinging a club with a bit more forgiveness?

Much to my surprise, the Callaway X2 Hot driver felt a lot different than I’m used to from Callaway.  It felt like the face had a little more spring to it and the sound was a little more “springy” than I’m used to from them.  This is not say that it isn’t nice, just a different feel and sound than I have come to expect.

Ultimately, the best to find out is to test them on the monitor and see. I have hit combinations that are billed as lower spinning plenty of times, and for whatever reason, they did not perform as advertised. So I would suggest go get on a monitor if possible and see if that change does the trick!

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