The cheap Ping G20 driver performs very well

The cheap Ping G20 driver performs very well

October 6, 2014
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As a supplement to our 6 performance testers, a subset of additional golfers were given the opportunity to test the cheap Ping G20 Driver and provide feedback in our subjective categories (looks, feel, sound,  perceived distance, perceived accuracy, perceived forgiveness, and likelihood of purchase).

There’s really nothing revolutionary about the G20. According to PING, the G20 features:

1. Aerodynamic 460cc head with a larger face to create forgiveness and power across the entire hitting surface.
2. External weight to help promote high launch and low spin.

It’s fairly standard language for a new driver, and under other circumstances I might have fallen asleep reading it, but, PING has an outstanding track record of actually improving the performance of their drivers with each new release. With PING it’s never about the paint, or tinker-toy adjustability, it’s always about trying to help the average golfer perform better, which while seldom eye-catching, they never fail to produce a tool that can’t get the job done.

I went out to my course last night after work just to play the back nine and my first tee shot ended up 297 yards from where I was standing! For the first time ever on the tenth, my second shot was a 3/4 sand wedge, where normally I’d be taking an Ping G30 Irons or PING K15 Irons at the very least. Playing back down the 11th into the breeze, the distance wasn’t quite so far, but still around the 260 yard mark. Later on in the round, I hit another drive 276 yards! I’m not a big hitter by any means, so I’m amazed to be generating those kinds of distances. This is a great club.

Like the reviewer above, the only real issues I had were with my alignment. If I was aiming right, then the ball would go straight and end up off to the right of the fairway. Aiming straight down the middle helps and as long as you give it a nice swing, the Ping G25 Irons does the rest for you. You can almost feel how ‘neutral’ the ball is as it takes off from the clubface.

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